Motorbikes! The word immediately reminds me of an old friend who actually made me believe that one can have a passionate affair with a bike too!

Jokes apart, I remember how arduously he used to juggle between his jobs and studies to earn enough to buy a motorbike. Though I believed, this obsession of his would die as soon as he gets his hands on one, I was wrong! The day he became the owner of this beast he was eyeing for, since a long time, I witnessed what it meant to him. I have never seen anyone pampering a bike like his own child.

And before I thought that that was it, he expressed in a childlike manner, how impatient he was to work upon his brand new bike’s speed and performance.

I was bewildered.

He sensed my confusion and shared how he always dreamt of living in the fast lane. The adrenaline dashing through your veins when you’re riding your bike at top speed is why he wishes to increase his bike’s power. The next second I popped the million dollar question- HOW?

And he very enthusiastically explained the whole process, a summary of which I’m sharing with you here.


  • Chopping off heavy accessories


First things first, a lighter chassis is definitely capable of performing better than the heavily loaded ones. Having said that, its advisable to shed the extra weight coming from the bike accessories like that of the crash guard, brake discs, rims, main stand, wheels etc. Opting for a lighter frame and doing away with the excess baggage will surely let you ride faster and easier.



  • Switching to a free flow exhaust


The exhaust actually aids faster and enhanced expulsion of exhaust gases. This energizes the engine, causing it to breath better. And it goes without saying that if your motorbike engine is breathing better, it’s performance is automatically enriched.

So if you don’t want to buy a new bike but have a yearning for an increased performance as well as speed, this one stands as a priority modification to make. Getting a customized exhaust system will not only provide you with a superior power and torque, it will also enthuse you with a quicker throttle response.

What more, it will also make your bike sound awesome, giving you that amazing feeling of riding with swag.


  • Opting for befitting tires


When speed is your ultimate aim, make sure you adorn your motorcycle with a set of well-suited tires that add value to your motorcycle, for the better. Today’s markets have different tires designed especially for different needs. It’s however recommended that you do your research well to be sure about what brands and products will go best with your motorcycle. Our guidelines suggest selecting the ones with super grip powers that’ll grip the track with much-needed efficacy, providing you with the reliance to sway faster.



  • Playing with the air filter


An air filter is responsible for the air inflow/outflow and filtration in the bike. Being a vital mechanism, trying a custom-made air filter is the most sought-after option for the speed-obsessed bikers. Connect a filter that assures optimal air filtration and enhances your machines airflow, and you are good to go.



  • Upgrade the rider in you


There can be a sea of options when it comes to ways to make your motorcycle faster, but none of them can deliver you, your desired results if you lack the requisite prowess to maneuver your bike or the track. Thus, it is of paramount importance to understand your bike and its key features, that promise better performance. For eg.  one must know what gear to be in and at what time, or, one must know how much throttle to give and when and the vital lessons about body positions and corner entry etc.


Apart from these few prominent aspects, you can also consider cranking up the clutch harder, or making few aerodynamic changes like putting a windshield to deflect the wind blast, or getting a bigger petrol filter, experimenting with the gears, few adjustments with suspension, going for a no silencer muffler, or putting higher octane petrol, upgrading the brakes etc.

And if, at any point, you feel the need for some professional guidance for any of the measures illustrated above, never hesitate to seek one. Because though we have provided you with a whole bunch of affordable and easy options to choose from, a professional approach always makes the experience better when you are aiming for a fast and furious ride !!


Author’s Bio:

Jessica is a traveler by heart. Along with frequently penning down her thoughts related to the travel experiences, she is an avid biker and an expert reviewer of motorcycle adventure products too.


Oliver Lawson

Oliver Lawson

Oliver loves his motorbikes. When he's not in the garage working on a restoration project, you can find him on the open road.

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