What Is Defensive Motorbike Driving?

You may have heard the term defensive motorbike driving and how it could protect you as a motorcyclist on public roads. Today, we look a little closer at common defensive motorbike driving techniques, and how they could help you on the road.


Maximize Visibility

When on the road, make sure you are seen. Wear reflective gear, but also contemplate the color of your bike carefully. If your motorbike has a brighter color, it will increase your visibility on the road too.


Be Extra Careful at Junctions

Most motorcyclists encounter road accidents around junctions, so being extra careful around junctions is advised. When you approach a junction, you must plan your actions already. Check for other road users and anticipate their actions. Control your speed and make sure there is always a safe place to return to when a maneuver goes wrong.


Take Care Overtaking Other Road Users

Another action on the road that is likely to cause road accidents is overtaking; this mainly relates to other road users and them failing to see you on your motorbike. Therefore, always assume that other road users cannot see you, especially near junctions, side roads, and other areas where other cars may be blocking your path unexpectedly.


Maintain a Safe Speed

Even though it is tempting to buzz through traffic, especially when there is a queue, inappropriate speed is another big cause of traffic accidents involving motorcyclists. Even though it may appear safe at the time, you can never anticipate other road users all the time.


Check Your Bends

Speed and improper bike handling can cause problems at bends too, which is the final problem motorcyclists encounter where road accidents are concerned. Therefore, extra care is required at bends. Make sure you maintain the right speed, just in case you can avoid hazards when they occur.


Even though you’re driving defensively, you still need the proper gear. Check out this infographic by MyBestMotorcycleGPS.com for more information

Oliver Lawson

Oliver Lawson

Oliver loves his motorbikes. When he's not in the garage working on a restoration project, you can find him on the open road.

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